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Ria Biswas.
Research Scholar
M.Sc. (Biotechnology)
Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics
University of  Kalyani
Email ID-

Subject Area:
Computational Biology, Protein-protein interaction, Protein-Ligand interaction, Molecular Docking, Computational Modeling, Drug Designing, Molecular
Simulation, Membrane simulation, Virtual screening.

Research Interest:

Nuclear Factor Kappa B (NFkB) is the master regulator of immunological responses in the cell. Malfunctioning of NFkB pathway results in serious
inflammatory disorders which result into diseases like neurodegenerative disorders, arthritis and cancers. Inflammation is body’s protective response
towards any antigenic attack, but inflammation when chronic gives rise to plethora of diseases. My research focuses on discovering and designing drugs
which act as the inhibitors of the NFkB multi-step pathway using virtual screening, molecular docking simulations and molecular dynamic simulations.
Also, biological signals are not simple and rather are inter-connected forming networks. NFkB modulates diverse cellular responses during which it
communicates with other molecular factors and signalling networks. One of my works also focuses on establishing a computational model using
MATLAB for the interaction of NFkB components with other components within the cell.


1.Biswas R & Bagchi A; NFkB pathway and inhibition: an overview; Computational Molecular Biology, (2016); vol 6(1), pp 1-20, DOI:
2. Ali A, Biswas R, Bhattacharjee S, Nath P, Pan S & Bagchi A; Comparative Analyses of the Relative Effects of Various Mutations in Major
Histocompatibility Complex I-a Way to Predict Protein-Protein Interaction; Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, (2016) ; vol 180(1), pp 152-64. DOI:
University of Kalyani, Nadia, West-Bengal, India.
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